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Human Powered Vehicle Design Contest

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Human Powered Hybrid Vehicle


The objectives of the sponsors are to encourage idea development into marketable concepts for manufacture. Also the contest will be a platform to introduce students and the inventor community to the power of the new CAD programs to conceptualize their ideas. To this end a special arrangement with one of the industries most exciting new products a full featured trial copy of Innovate that expires in December 2005 from IronCAD will be provided to all contestants entering the contest.  The two main reasons Innovate was selected for this design contest. The incredible powerful features including the triball for controlling three dimension movement plus the standard tool catalog for dragging and dropping gears, bearings and a complete assortment of fasteners coupled with the easiest learning curve in the industry made it the hands down choice.


Randall Bruce Middleton founder of Middleton Industrial Design has selected human powered hybrid vehicles as the subject of the design contest. The current development of recumbents shows a strong interest in alternative human powered transportation at prices level that are supporting small manufacturing concerns. Even 1 or 2 percent of the current 2500.00 to 3500.00 dollar market could provide hundreds of new good paying jobs.




All entries must have human power as the central element of their design.

Any form of energy storage or propulsion will be accepted with totally human powered storage being a separate category. All entries must be submitted in formats that support solids with two accompanying .png image views.




Designs will fall into two categories totally human powered like the RBX100P3 by Middleton Industrial Design and everything else to include renewable and nonrenewable energy  hybrid designs.

Scoring will be based on:

Styling 30%

Concept 30%

Design integrity 35%

Manufacturing cost 5%

All designs entering the final stage of the contest will be analyzed in a mechanical event software package from Algor to determine the quickest human powered hybrid vehicle.



All contestants will receive a share of MIDLTD With a par value of $20.00                 

All contestants will receive a trial copy of IronCAD Innovate Version 7 that expires December 2005.

Grand prize $15000.00

2nd prize $2500.00

3 through 7 $500.00


EntrĂ©e Fee 39.00           Enter Now

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